Jordi Savall: Kataklysmos

| 20:30 | Concerts for children and families

Jordi Savall: Kataklysmos

A rousing, musical flood wave from Cyprus

Church of Peace Sanssouci

Songs, dances & other music from the various Cypriot traditions:
Greek, Turkish, Ottoman, Sephardic ...


Lior Elmaleh (Israel), vocals
Gürsoy Dinçer (Turkey), vocals
Irini Derebei (Greece), vocals

Zacharias Spyridakis, vocals & Cretan lyre
Yurdal Tokcan, oud
Hakan Güngör, kanun
Moslim Rahal, ney
Dimitri Psonis, santur & moresca
Pedro Estevan, percussion

Fiddle, lyre & musical direction: Jordi Savall


Kataklysmos is an Orthodox holiday that exists only on Cyprus: it commemorates having been saved from Noah's Flood at Pentecost. Not only the bible, other myths of other people and cultures report the Great Flood as well, so some »pagan« rituals may have become part of this exuberant, extremely musical folk festival. The manifold influences that have shaped Cyprus' musical tradition mirror its eventful history. As an outpost of the Levant coast »Aphrodite's island« was a hub for international trade and traffic. Jordi Savall has researched the musical changes in the Mediterranean sphere like hardly anyone else and together with musical colleagues from the Orient and the Occident he has time and again broken down the barriers between so called »Old Music« and traditional musical cultures with relish. That's why his motto is »there's no such thing as old music, there's only old sheet music. Music is alive!«

Event is in the past.