Island Party

| 17:00 | Open Air

Island Party

Picnic on Kythera: music, island stories & other joys

Island of Friendship

Island Hopping in your own front yard: Discover the island world of the Mediterranean at the picnic concert on the Island of Friendship!


You will hear performances
by the launeddas player Luigi Lai (Sardinia),
the folk ensemble NAFRA (Malta),
TrioRembetiko (Greece),
the saz player Burhan Öçal (Turkey)
Jörg Näthe


Long before Antoine Watteau painted his pilgrimage to «Aphrodite's Island>> in tantalizing colours the island of Kythera was considered the embodiment of utopian island happiness: a dreamy paradise where humans could be human and where they would meet in love and harmony. This Saturday Potsdam's Island of Friendship becomes a contemporary Kythera: relaxing, enjoying, having picnics, chatting and strolling from island to island, from Sardinia to Crete, from Malta and the real Kythera to the Princes' Islands of the Marmara Sea - because all these island worlds come to visit today.

You will hear stories about the places and the people, about old cultures and of an everyday life, which is hardly ever paradisiac. You will hear about seafarers, travellers and conquerors because the large Mediterranean islands have always been anything but lonely. You will smell and taste and above all listen to the Mediterranean: the ancient Sardic wind instrument launeddas that can play for three voices, traditional music from Malta or the Greek blues rembetiko. You will get a great holiday feeling in just three hours!

The most imaginative picnic arrangement wins a price.

An event in cooperation with the club »Friends of the Island of Friendship« Potsdam and island gardener Thoralf Götsch.

Event is in the past.