Gods for Kids

| 10:00

Gods for Kids

Legendary: Marble Palace adventures

Marble Palace, New Garden / Address: Doors open a 9.40 h, Starts at 10.00 h

Welcome to the palace of the gods!
For one morning Mount Olympus comes down to the Marble Palace.


Featuring: Annette Paul (concept and project management), Jana Feiler, Peter Hofmann, Dieta Krüger,Kerstin Sinnok, Ilona Drescher, Suse Weisse, Sophie Malzo,
Taras Berchtold
, pan flute


When you enter you turn into funny fauns, wise sphinxes and happy hippocampi. You witness the birth of Venus, make your own panpipes, sing in a speaking choir and discover raging Neptune. You see a musical fight between Apollo, god of the sun with his lyre and the goat-legged Pan with his flute. Then it's time to go down into the underworld to the sunken temple ...

Anyone who is not exhausted by that can do a race around the round flowerbed as Mercury in winged shoes or put the magic of the sea with dolphins and tritons in colour on a wall. Meanwhile accompanying adults can listen to the ancient legends of the gods in the garden.

For children aged 5 to 10.

A photo workshop › is offered to accompany this concert.

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