Fête Méditerranée

| 21:00 | Open Air

Fête Méditerranée

Jazz & World Music for the midsummer night

Swan Avenue / Glienicke Bridge / Villa Schöningen

Sun worshippers unite!
The shortest night of the year is going to be hot!


CUADRO CARMEN FERNANDEZ has dedicated herself completely to Flamenco: Carmen Fernandez comes from a well-known Flamenco family and her powerful singing made her popular with audiences in Spain. Federico Ordoñez is considered the greatest dancing talent in recent years. Together with Irene Alvarez and Alexander Gavilan they have developed their own unique style featuring the sophisticated elegance the Seville school is known for.

GHALIA BENALI, MOUFADHEL ADHOUM & ABDELLALI JAZOULI celebrate the refinements of Arabian music. The charismatic singer and the virtuosic oud player from Tunisia enchant audiences with their own compositions and with songs by the Egyptian vocal icon Oum Kalthoum. Ghalia Benali's husky voice touches everyone.

is currently one of the most sought after and original jazz pianists. He was inspired by Thelonius Monk and Keith Jarrett, as he combined the songs of his childhood in Israel with the musical traditions of the Maghreb.

FERAS SHARSTAN played with living legends as Fayrouz and Michel Khalife. For his gifted improvisations he draws from the musical traditions of his homeland Syria.

QUADRO NUEVO give meaning to the term »world music«: the four players gather material from around the world and create poetic tonal worlds with it as they travel the globe and enthral audiences. This time with music from the Mediterranean.

AVITAL MEETS AVITAL: the mandolin virtuoso Avi and the jazz bass player and oud player Omer Avital celebrate their Moroccan-Sephardic roots with titles including Zamzama, Maroc, Shalom Alechem and many more. Pianist Omer Klein and percussionist Itamar Dorai join the musical cruise between Israel, Spain and Morocco.


Many ancient cultures were worshipping the sun. The Egyptians' God of the sun Ra sailing across the sky in his sun boat is probably the most prominent example. The sun cult of Mithras was brought to Rome from Eastern provinces and became so popular that the first day of the week was called »dies solis« - that is our Sunday. Not only the cold North celebrates the summer solstice. Bonfires are also lit in Italy, Spain and Greece. In 2014 the Music Festival Sanssouci celebrates this special night in a very special location. Today Glienicke Bridge and the Swan Avenue with Villa Schhöningen have become UNESCO world heritage. Where Germany was once devided, we come together for a feast of meetings and encounters. The Mediterranean connects everybody!

There is NO PARKING for visitors available around the Swan Avenue. Please use public transport or the shuttle bus after the performance.

In cooperation with Villa Schöningen.

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