Boccherini & more: Cellissimo!

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

Boccherini & more: Cellissimo!

Virtuosic stuff for dark strings

Orangery, New Garden / Address: Palm Hall


Roel Dieltiens, violoncello
Love Persson, violone


Giovanni Battista Bononcini (1670-1747)
Sonata in A-minor for violoncello and b.c.

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
Sonata in C-major for violoncello and bass G. 17
Sonata in A-major for violoncello and bass G. 4

Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)
Duo in D-major for violoncello and bass


According to its name the violoncello is a smaller violone and it was initially used as a bass instrument before it became a shining soloist in its own right: at first in the cello centre that was Bolgna where young Bononcini was working. Luigi Boccherini plays the greatest role in the steep rise of the cello. The passion for cello was one of the bonds linking him to Frederic William II who loved playing music by Boccherini here in the Palm Hall. However, his capricious solo sonatas Boccherini kept for himself: the early pieces show clearly what a virtuoso the boy from Lucca already was. And in terms of comedic fantasy Rossini reveals himself as a likeminded soul: two outstanding soloists leave nothing to be asked for in his duo and at last the big bass brother is allowed to show how much virtuoso blood is pulsating in his massive body.

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