Bicycle Concert 2014

| 11:00

Bicycle Concert 2014

And all the way along the water

Potsdam und Berlin-Wannsee / Address: Start: Schiffbauergasse

Download entire program incl. route map (in German, PDF, 2MB)

Your Mediterranean journey by bicycle in a day featuring 22 concerts, readings, performances guided tours and viewings at 16 venues - along the water all the way.



  • SCHIFFBAUERGASSE: Pelude »'t Brabants Fietsharmonisch Orkest« The new Act!
  • VILLA SCHÖNINGEN: »Heard that, yet?« - Waterphone Duo
  • GLIENICKE PARK and PALACE: »Flamenco for Kids« & Flamenco-Show - Laura La Risa und Hannes Hoffmann. »Try the Med« - Jörg Näthe. »Concert Castanets« with Friederike von Krosigk & Klaus Jäckle (guitar). »Sound of pots and pans« - Simon Nicolai & Friends
  • SEA GATE AT SACROW: Echo Making with Alphorn Orchestra Berlin
  • PEACOCK ISLAND: Ferry: Venetian gondolier songs for the crossing - George Frederick Takis. Palace: »Tarantellas« - Heidi & Uwe Steger (accordion)
  • ST. PETER UND PAUL CHURCH ON NIKOLSKOE: Carillon-Concert with Frank Müller
  • BABELSBERG PALACA PARK: »Sailors' Swing« with the Dutch Ship-Trio De Scheepsmaatjes
  • CHAPEL KLEIN-GLIENICKE: »Canzones from Naples« - Gabriella Aiello (vocals), Alessandro Girotto (guitar), Massimo Carrano (percussion)
  • AT STÖLPCHENSEE: »Polyphone Sardinia« - Tenors of the Sardinian Confraternity Su Cuncordu 'e su Rosariu
  • LIEBERMANN-VILLA AT WANNSEE: »Klezmer« - Helmut Eisel (clarinet) & JEM
  • SCHIFFBAUERGASSE: Closing Concert with Folkadelic Hobo Jamboree Band Potsdam

Villa Schöningen: Art and History at the Glienicke Bridge | Palace Park Glienicke | Peacock Island: discover the island with the elf Tana and Guided Palace Tour| St. Peter and Paul Church on Nikolskoe | Chapel Klein-Glienicke | Church at Stölpchensee | Liebermann-Villa at Wannsee: guided tours of Max Liebermann's garden | House of the Wannsee Conference


Tour 1 has ideal family ingredients for those preferring a leisurely pace (12km). Cyclists are led from Schiffbauergasse at Tiefer See to Jungfernsee and then back via the Babelsberg Palace Park. Villa Schöningen, Glienicke Park & Palace and the idyllic Peacock Island are perfect for breaks along the way. You cycle through the Sea Gate at Sacrow and experience a Venetian gondolier on a ferry. Having completed your island excursion you head for the St. Peter and Paul Church on Nikolskoe and finally you get to the sunbathing areas in Park Babelsberg. Weather permitting it's perfect for listening and going for a swim.
= well-suited for children

Admittedly, the second tour is a bit more demanding (23km), but its water views make for its special appeal: initially the pictorial route takes you through Babelsberg Palace Park directly at the Tiefer See to the Chaple of Klein-Glienicke and then along Griebnitzsee through the Forest Glienicke to the historical Stüler Church at Stölpchensee. Past the Small and the Great Wannsee you then make your way to the Liebermannvilla, to the House of the Wannsee Conference and do a little detour to Peacock Island. On the way back Glienicke Park and Palace are perfect for some meditative moments and finally there is the finish in Schiffbauergasse. This day really moves Potsdam to the Mediterranean!

Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam from 10.30 to 12.00 h

Exchange your ticket for your one-day pass and get your personal travel documents, which grant you free access to all events. Please note: cycling in the historical parks is only permitted on the designated cycling routes and all German traffic rules apply.

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