| 20:00


"Scandinavian baggage" for a new Germany

Nikolaisaal / Address: Foyer

 Enjoy a glass of wine and listen to the conversations in our "Montagsclub (Monday’s Club)" as was common in Berlin in the age of Enlightenment!
Lecture & talk by and with Prof. Einhart Lorenz (University of Oslo), Klara Geywitz (Member of the Brandenburg state parliament), Dr. Bernd Rother (research associate of Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation) and Dr. Wolfram Hoppenstedt (CEO of Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation) about Willy Brandt’s years in the Norwegian and Swedish exile


Seth Josel, mandolin
Friedemann Werzlau, drums


"The King of Denmark" for solo drums by Morton Feldman
" Bag O’Tells" (an archaeology of the mandolin) by Martin Bresnick


Willy Brandt was certainly one of the politicians whose prolific work and legacy formed a lasting image of the new Germany after WWII. During the cold war he embodied the hope for peaceful coexistence especially for people in the GDR. Given his distinctive charisma, he has remained in people’s memories. Young Willy Brandt spent the years from 1933 until 1945 in Sweden and Norway. The time in exile were his "political and human apprenticeship" and he himself referred to them as the most important ones in his life. In Norway, Brandt used to point out, he learned that "you don’t climb a mountain by simply running towards its peak". Prof. Einart Lorenz, the leading expert on Brandt who had the opportunity to often speak to the man himself, guides us when we discover which pieces of his "Scandinavian baggage" Brandt kept for the future and which of these we should keep for the European future.

Jointly staged and organized to celebrate Willy Brandt’s 100th birthday with the Willy-Brandt-Foundation Berlin and Norway.

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