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Premiere: L'Europa

Baroque opera with divine bride's robbery

New Chambers Sanssouci | Ovid Gallery / Address: Im Park Sanssouci (Maulbeerallee), 14469 Potsdam


Europa – Roberta Mameli, soprano
Giove – Renato Dolcini, baritone
Amore – Nicholas Tamagna, altus
Narrator – Michael Ihnow

Musical direction: Michael Hell
Direction: Deda Cristina Colonna
Stage: Alfred Peter
Text version: Thomas Höft


Alessandro Melani (1639-1703)
L'Europa, opera prologue in one act

Georg Muffat (1653-1704)
Music from: Florilegium Secundum


She really only wants to relax by the seashore. Yet suddenly the beach shudders and a gigantic bull appears from the towering waves. Jupiter, the father of the gods, has assumed this shape seeking adventures – Alessandro Melani shows in his one-act opera how Jupiter, aided by Amor manages to abduct innocent Europa. “L’Europa” was created as a prologue to one of the great horse ballets, which Emperor Leopold I was staging in Vienna to compete with his rival in world politics Louis XIV in France and was probably first performed in 1667.
Melani creates with his opera a rare example of the Europa myth set to music and with the character of the abducted princess an impressive, highly emotional portrait of a woman. Deda Cristina Colonna and Michael Hell present the play based on a legend from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” in the Ovid Gallery of the New Chambers combining it with pieces by a true European in Leopold’s empire: Georg Muffat conjoins different European nations and styles in making music together as friends.

Performance in Italien
A production by Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci

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