| 11:00 | Bicycle Concert

Bicycle Concert

Your bicycle trip to Potsdam's garden-highlights

Departure: Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) Potsdam / Address: Lange Brücke, 14467 Potsdam

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Your one-day cycling tour to Potsdam's garden highlights featuring 22 concerts, guided tours, readings, installations and viewings and 16 venues.



  • LUSTGARTEN (PLEASURE GARDEN): Prelude "Coming in with drums beating and trumpets sounding"
  • ISLAND OF FRIENDSHIP: Flower Pot Session & Air Pump Concert - Atonor (Antonia Sachse, Ferdinand Störel, Constantin Suppee, Benjamin Stache)
  • NIKOLAISAAL POTSDAM: Foerster – Rüdiger Lotter & Cecile Dorchene (violin), Florian Deuter (viola), Balazs Mate (violoncello), Kit Scotney (violone/contrabass) – and Mozart – "A little Night Music"
  • ALEXANDROWKA House No. 12: The world's fastest bumblebee flight - Jörg Wachsmuth (tuba). Singing & Sounds in the Garden - Anne & Lutz Andres
  • BIOSPHERE POTSDAM: "Bambuso Sonoro" - Hans Van Koolwijk
  • BORNSTEDT CEMENTARY: Musical Walk with the Friends of the Bornstedt Cemetary e.V., Jan van Hoecke (recorder)
  • LINDSTEDT PALACE: "fête champêtre" - the Sound of French Rococo! François Lazarevitch & Dominique Paris (musette), Pierre Rigopoulos (percussion)
  • GARDEN SALON AT THE NEW PALACE: "free as a bird" - Mirjam Schollmeyer & Felix Schiller
  • BORNIM CHURCH: "My Beethoven" - Andrei Banciu (piano)
  • VILLA JACOBS: Fanfares and Entrances - Ute Hartwich, Johannes Rauterberg, Sebastian Kuhn, Markus Mokosch (trumpets) & Heiner Herzog (timpani)
  • PALM HALL ORANGERY NEW GARDEN: The original! Prince Pückler's Concert grand Piano with Music by Robert & Clara Schumann - Petra Somlai
  • ALONG THE MARLYGARTEN: Cuckoo Orchestra - Erwin Stache
  • CHURCH OF PEACE: Closing concert - The King's Consort with "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale" by Georg Friedrich Händel

Island of Friendship: Guided tours of the Karl Foerster Garden (Thoralf Götsch & Jörg Näthe) | Nikolaisaal Potsdam: Larkspur-Shrubs-Viewings with Wolfgang Kautz & Karl-Foerster in the Film "In love with shrubs" | Crown Estate Bornstedt: Tea-Time-Crafting for children (Ilona Drescher) | Ribbeckstraße 1: Visiting the Sanssouci beekeeper (Eberhard Bergner) | Lindstedt Palace: Guided tours of the Lenné Garden (Sven Hannemann) and Lenné reading (Christa Hasselhorst) | Bornim Church: Rectory Garden | Karl Foerster Residence: Guided tours in the sunken garden (Thoralf Götsch & Jörg Näthe) | Foerster-Shrubs Ltd: Blooming Day-Lilies "Hemerocallis Shrubs" (Wolfgang Härtel) | Court Garden Centre in New Garden (Sabine Swientek)


The first and family-friendly tour (12km) takes you through the countryside to historical gardens and contemporary, idyllic garden settings. Take part in a flower pot session or the air pump concert on Karl Foerster's divine Island of Friendship, experience a world of shrubs in the Nikolaisaal, the world's fastest bumblebee flight in the historical orchard at the Russian colony Alexandrowka or the bamboo made "Bambuso Sonoro" organ in the Volkspark's biosphere. Visit the Krongut (Crown Estate) Bornstedt and do some crafting with your children in the Rose Garden before visiting the beekeeper at Sanssouci. Let Potsdam's famous gardeners Karl Foerster, Peter Joseph Lenné and the Sello family accompany you to Lindstedt Palace. On the way back a raven and a cuckoo orchestra await you before Händel's "The cuckoo and the nightingale" is performed at the Church of Peace to mark the end.
=Especially suited for families!

The second, more demanding tour is a "who-is-who" of gardeners, their staged vistas and their garden compositions from the 17th to the 21st century. After sampling Renaissance music at the departure point in Potsdam's oldest garden, the Pleasure Garden from 1589/1685, you get close to Karl Foerster's creations with "A little Night Music" - in this case the name of one of his famous larkspur cultivations - listen to his favourite composer Beethoven in the Bornim Church and visit his residence, where poetry from his writings enchants the garden. At the historical Sello cemetery, in the Lenné Garden at Lindstedt Palace and at Villa Jacobs guided tours and garden music demand your attention. Enjoy your countryside tour through the Bornim Fields, which were created by Lenné and Sello, and continue through the former Federal Garden Exhibition Park to the New Garden with its poetic vistas. The court garden centre is open to you in the afternoon for an exclusive visit and the original Prince Pückler grand piano is played in the Orangery. A real tour of garden highlights. Exclusively and just for today!

Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) Potsdam from 10.30 to 12.00 h

Exchange your ticket for your one-day pass and get your personal travel documents, which grant you free access to all events. Please note: cycling in the historical parks is only permitted on the designated cycling routes and all German traffic rules apply.

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