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St. Peter and Paul Church on Nikolskoe

Address: Nikolskoer Weg 17, 14109 Berlin
Construction period: 1834-37
Architects: Friedrich August Stüler, Albert Dietrich Schadow
Principal: Frederick William III.

In 1817 a daughter of Frederick William III married the Russian Tzarevitch who was later crowned Nikolaus I. To the young couple's delight the king had a Russian blockhouse called "Nikolskoe" built in the Düppeln forest. It soon became a popular destination for day-trippers. The new church for the people living on Peacock Island, in Klein-Glienicke and in Stolpe was built nearby. Its onion-domed tower lends a distinctly Russian touch to the Schinkel-style protestant church building. As its interior is the only church space in the Berlin area that has remained unchanged since the Schinkel era, it is also of major value in terms of heritage conservation.

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