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Schinkel Church Petzow

Address: Fercher Str., 14542 Werder/Havel
Construction period: 1840/41
Architects: designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, completed by Friedrich August Stüler

Owing to the close relationship squire Kahne had to the Potsdam Baudirektion (construction authority), a delightfully scenic-architectural ensemble was created on the land bridge between Lake Glindower See and Lake Schwielowsee. Both genius landscape gardener Peter Joseph Lenné as well as the period's greatest architects had a stake in its formation. It is crowned with the church on top of Grelleberg Mountain. The chapel bears the succinct hallmarks of Schinkel and was inaugurated by Prussian king Frederick William IV himself in 1842. The church steeple offers wonderful views of the Petzow idyll with park, lake, manor house and other historical buildings.

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