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Cecilienhof Palace

Address: Im Neuen Garten 11, 14469 Potsdam
Construction period: 1913-1917
Architect: Paul Schultze-Naumburg
Principal: Emperor William II

The half-timbered Tudor-style building seamlessly fits into the English landscape garden and as the renovation works of front and roof have just been completed its charms are as lively as ever. Completion of the last Hohenzollern palace was immediately followed by the end of the monarchy. The crown-prince couple William and Cecily were never crowned, yet they lived in the palace until they fled in 1945 before the property was confiscated. When the victorious powers of WWII negotiated the Potsdam Agreement in Cecilienhof from 17th July until 2nd August 1945, the Living Hall with its massive oak staircase became the conference hall and the White Parlour, previously home to eclectic house concerts hosted by the then celebrated style icon Cecily, was turned into Stalin's work place. A permanent exhibition provides comprehensive information about the historic events.

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