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Area around Orangery Palace Sanssouci

The Orangery Palace of Sanssouci is a singular southern dream, which Frederick William IV had built based on Renaissance architecture models. Even today Sanssouci's exotic plants spend winter in the over 100-metre long Halls of Plants. The scaffolding in front of the two distinct towers is gone: it is shining again, the Prussian Villa d'Este with its lavish Terraces, which are continued with water gardens, floral and sculptural decorations beyond Mulberry Avenue. Underneath it, there is a romantic Grotto with a water basin in front, hidden behind vine-clad round arches. A hippodrome-shaped Lawn offering magnificent views of this unique architectural-horticultural ensemble completes the grounds. The Crown Prince's Bridge serves as transition from Orangery Palace to Krimlinden Avenue, which leads to the Belvedere on Klausberg Mountain. It is not far from the magical Paradise Garden with its cascade and the Stibadium. Its shining coloured glass vase decorations make the latter appear like a small, enchanted ancient temple. So the SANSSOICI FOLK NIGHT features numerous delightful venues - perhaps it will even inspire further discoveries in the inexhaustibly rich parkland.

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