Friends and Furtherer

In 1993 dedicated friends and festival visitors decided to found the club »Friends of the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci«. The club currently has 160 members from Potsdam, Berlin, the State of Brandenburg and from all over Germany.

We, the friends and supporters of the festival, are not only united by our enthusiasm for the festival and its unique setting in the palaces and gardens of Potsdam Sanssouci, we are also motivated by our firm belief that this festival with its focus on Old Music could not exist without additional support and civic involvement. Apart from this notion the club also supports selected festival events and individual performances.

Members of the friends’ club benefit from individual meetings with the artists, access to dress rehearsals as well as information regarding future festival events long before these are otherwise made public including the opportunity to buy tickets before the official sale to the general public.

We warmly welcome all music lovers and friends of Potsdam’s palaces and gardens to our club!

Supported projects in 2019

Flute Day, 10. June
The flute is one of the oldest instruments in human history. Pan, the mythical god of shepherds created one from a reed, which the nymph Syrinx turned into as she had been trying to escape him. The Muse Euterpe also carried one as her favourite instrument. Dorothee Oberlinger, the Music Festival’s Artistic Director and herself a flautist is fascinated by her instrument as there is nothing that comes between the instrument and its player, almost like singing – the flute and her breath are part of the playing. The oriental flute ney has always been considered an extension of the trachea and both Buddhism and Hinduism practice playing the flute as a means of meditating and training one’s breathing – therapy for body and soul. There has of course been a long tradition of playing the flute in Potsdam ever since Frederick II and Johann Joachim Quantz. However, this is not the only place where it is considered the musical equivalent of a popular sport: numerous musical newcomers enter the world of tonal art with a recorder. So there are many good reasons indeed for putting the world of the flute in all its diversity centre stage at the newly established Flute Day featuring contemporary master flautists and future masters, flute instruments from recorders to the Indian bansuri and flute music from renaissance pieces to very modern. Enjoy unusual concert formats, offers for the whole family and witness Potsdam’s flute future making a big entrance.
More about the concerts >.

Lunch Concerts: European junior ensembles in focus on 11. June
Today still a guest in the junior format and tomorrow on big stages! At the lunch concerts, some of the best young musical talents can be heard - the soloists and ensembles are students or fresh graduates of European conservatoires and eager to conquer the public. A jury chaired by Dorothee Oberlinger selects the most convincing of her performances: The winner will be represented at the Music Festival 2020 with her own concert.

Chroda Elegans
Europa Danzante
Ensemble Urstrom
Katarina Schmidt & Tomomi Arakawa

The board of the club:
Mr Uwe Schulz, Potsdam – Chairman
Mr Hartmut Pirl, Potsdam – Deputy Chairman
Mrs Monika Ludwig, Potsdam – Treasurer
Mrs Elisabeth Schöneich, Potsdam – Assessor
Mrs Sabine Essebier, Potsdam – Assessor

For further information, please contact our office:
Förderverein der Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci e.V.
Wilhelm-Staab-Str. 10/11
D-14467 Potsdam
Phone: 0049-331-28 888 27
Fax: 0049-331-28 888 22
foerderverein (at)

Bank Details:
Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse in Potsdam
Sort Code 160 500 00
Account No 1000019469
IBAN: DE79 1605 0000 1000 0194 69

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